Consulting around your development project

If questions and challenges arise in your development project that we can help you with, we will be happy to assist you. For example, if you are looking for a component with certain properties or if you need specialists who are particularly familiar with a sub-sector of the electronics market.

Our consulting services are available for students and development teams as well as for teachers. Just contact us and let us find a good solution together!


Tools & Calculators

Quickly convert inductances or perform a calculation - no problem with our handy tools. Use our tools and calculators to get ahead faster!


Use this calculator to convert capacitances of different units (pF, nF, μF and F) into each other.


The Inductance Conversion Calculator helps you convert inductance values between units of different scales from picohenry (pH) to kilohenry (kH) and in between.

Resistors connected in series

This tool calculates the total resistance value for multiple resistors connected in series.

Color code for resistors

This tool is used to decode the information of the color rings of axially wired resistors.

Resistors connected in parallel

This tool calculates the total resistance value for multiple resistors connected in parallel.

Challenge ahead? Get in touch with us!

Your contact Christopher Elliott, Area Manager at GUDECO Elektronik, will be happy to help you!

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