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Admittedly, keeping track of the components market is not easy. Trends such as digitalization in all areas of life, new requirements for resilience in certain fields of application and the ongoing miniaturization of components and end devices are shaping events. Through our close cooperation and intensive exchange with all leading electronics manufacturers, we stay very close to these developments.

We are happy to pass on our know-how to you and thus support you in your developments.

Below you will find our most important services for startups and development teams. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Product advice

You have already preselected certain products and now need detailed information, for example on heat resistance, available component sizes, fabrication options, costs, options, current availability, etc.?

You can submit your inquiry directly here.

Need a direct line to manufacturers?

Sometimes it's an unbeatable advantage to be able to exchange ideas with manufacturers while electronics products are still being developed. As one of the most experienced electronics distributors in Germany, we maintain very close contacts with quality manufacturers in Germany and abroad. You can find an overview of our partners in our current Linecard.

We are happy to use these contacts to help you with your development or, if necessary, to support you in getting in touch directly with the appropriate contact person.


GUDECO Electronics Shop

In our GUDECO Shop you can quickly find suitable products, research alternatives yourself and download further documents such as product sheets.

So you can find and compare suitable parts around the clock.

Order shortforms and product information

Are you interested in a current component series, for example the latest switches from a particular manufacturer? We will be happy to support you here as well.

We have many catalogs, short forms and other product information from the leading manufacturers, both printed and digital.

If you are looking for specific documents, please contact us. We will be happy to check whether we have the desired information at hand or can request it for you.

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